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How do I pay the stamp duty?

If you are paying cash for your purchase, we will make the arrangements for the payment of the stamp duty and registration of the transfer of your title to you.

If you are borrowing to assist with your purchase, your lender will usually deduct the stamp duty and other government charges from the amount you have borrowed, and will then pay these charges after settlement.

For example, if you are borrowing $200,000.00 on a property worth $300,000.00:


Stamp duty on transfer $12,070.00 
Titles Office registration fee on transfer $866.00
Titles Office registration fee on mortgage $105.00
Bank and associated fees $600.00
TOTAL $13,641.00


When we ask your bank for the amount available for settlement, they would inform us that $186,359.00 was available ($200,000.00 less government and other charges of $13,641.00).

When we discuss with you the amount required from you, we would in this case be asking you for a bank cheque for $113,641.00 (however, the amount would usually be slightly different from this simple example to take account of rate adjustments).