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What are the certificates we order used for?

When you purchase a property, certificates are obtained from various statutory authorities, such as the local council, water board, State Revenue Office, Vic Roads, and Department of Infrastructure. When you are selling a property, these certificates may need to be obtained for use and display at an auction.

The certificates serve several purposes. For example, a certificate from the local water authority may reveal the location of a sewer main if it transverses the property. Sometimes a sewer main is not laid within a registered easement, so this information is vital to a purchaser, especially when the purchaser proposes to carry out work such as a building or extension on the property.

Other certificates are used to ascertain the rates and charges on the property, to ensure that they are properly adjusted at settlement, and any arrears are dealt with to ensure that a purchaser does not become liable for the seller’s debts on the property.